BDO Credit Card Activation | Activate BDO Credit Card

BDO Credit Card Activation | How to Activate BDO Credit Card

Dear BDO customers, have you recently visited BDO bank and received BDO Credit Card? then we know about your common question which is How to Activate BDO Credit Card? Here we are going to tell about BDO Credit Card Activation and also give knowledge about various ways to Activate BDO Credit Card. If you want to get information regarding BDO Credit Card Activation then please stay with us and see carefully bellow erudition.

  1. BDO Credit Card Activation by Phone
  2. BDO Credit Card Activation by Online

Now you know how many methods are used for activating BDO Credit Card that is two methods and you will be excited to know “What are the steps to activate BDO Credit Card by using these two methods?” Then you have to go ahead and read furthermore.

Method 1: BDO Credit Card Activation by Phone

  1. Firstly bring all necessary items and data like a credit card which you want to activate, your account number, registered mobile number, etc.
  2. Now call to the BDO Customer Care on (02) 631-8000 or on toll-free number 1800-10-631-8000.
  3. After you enter the languages which you want.
  4. Then it will be asked and collect some information from you like credit card number, account number, your name, etc.
  5. And follow the instruction to successfully complete the credit card activation.

One important thing will be taken in mind that does not share your BDO Credit Card CVV number or security number which is given behind the BDO Credit Card. If you want to activate BDO Credit Card by using online method then check below.

Method 2: BDO Credit Card Activation by Online

  1. You have to open the official website of BDO bank. #Click Here to activate BDO Credit Card.
  2. First, you have to #login your Online Banking Account.
  3. After login, go to #Credit Card which is shown at the left side.
  4. In Credit Card Suboptions, click on #Services then #Card Activation.
  5. Then #Verify Your Account by entering some detail like card number, birth date, and expiry date.
  6. After that #Enter Security Code Verification which is seen in the image.
  7. Click on #Submit button and follow the instruction.
  8. After successful completion, you will be able to further transaction.

After following above step by step procedure you will be activated BDO Credit Card. By the above two methods, you will be easily activated Credit Card at home without going outside.


We ensure that above-given information regarding BDO Credit Card activation is genuine and correct. If you get any trouble regarding this post and any difficulty in understanding then please you will freely contact us. In case you want to activate another credit card, then you can use this site for activating the card. You can visit this site again at

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